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About Us 

Maple Lane Nursery, is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery located in Valatie, New York.  With 5O+ years growing experience, we specialize in field grown trees, evergreens, containerized trees, shrubs and perennials to which we serve to landscapers, garden centers, and contractors in New York and New England.  We also sell to our local community with products such as mulches, screened top soil, leaf compost, tree stakes, fertilizer, aluminum edging and more.   

In 1958, Sal Martino Sr. planted 10,000 Scotch Pines to grow and sell as Christmas trees to pay for his sons college education. In 1962, Sal Martino, Jr. graduated from high school but decided not to attend college. Instead he decided to attend "The School of Hard Knox" and started working with his dad . The Scotch Pines continued to grow and were ready to be sold as Christmas trees. In 1963, Sal Sr. starting selling them at three dollars a tree. With the success of selling the trees and all of the time and energy invested, Sal Sr. purchased his first tractor and tree spade. He began digging and balling the pines for forty-five dollars a tree.  He planted out 10 acres of different varieties of trees and conifers which became the start of Maple Lane Nursery and the years to follow.

Sal Jr. worked alongside with his father until 1970 then ventured off on his own producing and selling apples.  Even though Sal Jr was busy with his own business, he always made time to help out his father.  Eventually, in the 1980’s, Sal Jr. dissolved his apple business and began working with his father full time replacing the fields of apple trees with fields of everyday trees.

In April of 1993, the father-son duo came to an end with the passing of Sal Sr.  At this time, Sal David Martino, Sal Jr's son, was attending Siena College and studying accounting.  With his grandfather's passing, an opportunity opened up for him to join his father and make it into the nursery it is today.  Maple Lane Nursery is currently 225 acres of trees and evergreens, 40 acres of greenhouses, containerized trees, shrubs and perennials and also 8 acres of wholesale nursery stock that is bought from the finest growers in the country.

Family is the success of this business.  

Maple Lane Nursery is a family owned business providing our customers the finest plant material at good value with exceptional personal service.

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